What is the biggest thing that gets your goat within the service based coaching industry?

For me it’s seeing a production line of coaches all selling the thing that their mentor taught them. In exactly the same way, with exactly the same words, phrases, photo shoots, methods and approaches.

When I came into this world it really blew me away that there were glamourous coaches ‘teaching’ other coaches a process that they would then teach their clients.

‘Do this type of photo shoot, say these types of things, copy my every word and you will earn 10k a month.’

You know what I mean?

The problem with the production line model is that there is no originality. Teaching someone to say, do AND coach exactly as you do is a one way trip to bust town. It may not be immediate but that’s where the last stop is.

Now before I go on, this may seem like I am bashing all coaches and I’d like to reassure you that this is not the case at all. I am a coach too and have been lured into that production line myself. I also get that we learn from our mentors and apply what we have learnt to help others, and that is wonderful.

The REAL problem is not the process itself, but the fact that all these amazing coaches aren’t harnessing their skills, strengths, expertise, stories and opinions in a way that sets them apart from the rest.

In seeing how the 7 figure coach has done it, they feel like they need to do EXACTLY the same things in order to get the 7 figure results.

Nope. That’s not how it works.

If you want to be known as

An authority 

A ‘go to’ expert

A thought leader

A credible coach

A serious entrepreneur

A successful biz owner

Then I’d love to invite you to step out of that production line and see the light.

You don’t need to copy ANYONE in order to be successful. Yes, you may learn strategies and pick up tools and approaches along the way that others will benefit from. But HOW you show up and WHAT you say can be all 100% unique to you.

Join me on 20th February at 7.30pm for a completely FREE and LIVE training session where I’m going to share –

4 Proven Ways To Stand Out and Be Successful in 2018

In this training you will learn –

  • The precise method that turns followers into loyal fans and clients AND eradicates the competition (no hidden catch at all)
  • How to STAND OUT from the crowd as an authority in your field with YOUR ideas (even if they aren’t ‘new’)
  • The 3 exact steps to connect and build win/win relationships with top influencers, without being pushy, annoying or fake
  • The big secret to landing speaking gigs, dream collaborations, guest blogs and coverage in the national press (hint, it doesn’t involve selling your soul!)

Grab your free place here

It’s going to be a highly interactive learning session with some exciting things to learn and take away.


If you show up the session live, you get a free gift from me. There will also be some other special secrets I will be revealing on the session too!

Can’t make it?

There will be a replay, but only for a limited time, and without the free gifts I’ll be dishing out. So it will definitely be worth your while to attend live.

Much love

Helen x

PS – Put this link in your calendar for 7.30pm Tuesday 20th Feb 

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