Hey I'm Helen

Compassionate, tenacious, passionate, committed. I will have your back ALL the way.

I’ve always had big dreams and a tenacious attitude to business. But it hasn’t been easy and I have tripped myself up many a time.

Here’s a little bit of back-story…

I found my calling straight out of college at Virgin Atlantic Airways. As a performance coach, it was all about raising self-awareness, triggering motivation and making impact. I was in my absolute element. I worked my way up the corporate coaching ladder, specialising in sales coaching, leadership development & executive coaching for large and complex corporates. With each new rung to the ladder came a new set of skills and tools to my belt. I have coached thousands of people from front line staff to executives through restructures, downturns, conflicts, and personal limits, enabling them to rise the other side like a phoenix from the ashes. I have supported women executives in areas of presence, and impact, resilience, work life balance and transitions to parenthood to step into higher versions of themselves.

Transformation has been at the heart of it all

Then the game changed…


After having my first child in 2012 I returned to my job with a complete lack of identity and zero confidence to back it up. My role had changed and self doubt and negative beliefs ate away at my resolve until I gave myself no other option than to leave. I retrained as a parent coach and launched my first online business in summer 2014. It was a fantastic lesson in building a business and I was never short of clients. But I often felt burnt out, exhausted and was chasing my tail doing things that gave no real value. I was stuck playing small, not charging my worth, and with no confidence to do anything about it. Fast-forward to baby number two and my marriage fell apart. It fell apart for the very same reason why my first business stalled. Without any internal compass or anchor, I was constantly searching for validation outside of myself. This meant my decisions were based on what other people thought, and my beliefs crippled my sense of self worth. This was exhausting, and had worn me down to a shadow of my former self.


I had to do something…

‘She believed, she could, she did’

So I went on a journey of self-discovery. Through many months of self-development, couples therapy (I am pleased to report that the husband and I are well on the road to recovery!) and personal coaching, I trod the path of transformation. I finally found who I was again, what my needs were, my values, my mission and purpose. I created new and positive beliefs that gave me courage and confidence. I realised that I hadn’t lost it all, that my 15 years of business coaching experience WAS worth something. I was back and I was in business! I then did the best thing I could have done and hired a coach. I immediately up levelled my new life & business from day one. I got super clear on my niche, nailed the systems required and wasted no time in building relationships and a supportive and high vibe community. I got super smart on a schedule that meant that l could look after myself, spend time with my kids AND run a business that I absolutely love.

Then I started dreaming. I started dreaming big.

I put a vision board together in March 2016 including all the things I wanted to achieve. As of October 2016 I have hit my financial goals, am working with amazing clients all over the world, been featured in Huffington Post and Raspberry Magazine, on podcasts, and given a talk to 1500 people as part of TEDx Brighton 2016. ALL of these things were on my vision board. If you can dream it you CAN do it. I’m here to help you chase those dreams and make them a reality!

‘What If I fall? Oh my darling, but what if you fly? ’ E.L

Sound good?


Book in with me for a complementary clarity call and we can discuss where you are, where you dream to be, and how I can help you get there.

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