Love Notes

‘I worked with Helen recently, The format really suited me as I got some homework to work through in preparation of our intensive day at the glorious Brighton Grand hotel. This helped me see where I was at and what I needed help with. Helen put together a bespoke agenda which was spot on.

The day itself was so much fun, fabulous setting and a scrumptious lunch. The agenda looked heavy but Helen has a gift for knowing how to open you up and ask the right questions so it simply felt like she was getting to know me and I felt comfortable enough to be really honest.

Helen is a brilliant listener and extracted the important elements of my story and connected that brilliantly to the people I want to support. In one day I had a very detailed time line of my story, a deeper understanding of my two ideal clients, what my message is and how I am supporting them.

There was loads of support afterwards too for a month and I have lots of strategy to implement. I’m still in full time employment so it takes me a tad longer to roll things out!

Helen’s support throughout our time together has been fantastic, she is so understanding and supporting and does exactly what she says she’s going to do, and more! I really felt seen and heard and she has tons of experience in what drives and connects people.

It was such a pleasure working with you Helen, a big thank you X’

Emma Garwood

Channel, Teacher, Facilitator, Emma Garwood

Working with Helen has been incredible.  I’m now able to walk into a room and share my story with confidence. She has taught me the skills to adapt my stories for different audiences and situations with ease.  And I have a huge depth of stories that were there but were hidden from my view – she helped me find them again.  As part of our time working together I developed the outline for a book that I had been dreaming about writing.  I approached a national publisher and we have a face to face meeting next week to discuss it in more detail.  I owe this to Helen

Kim Palmer

Clementine App

I know that I could never have achieved what I have if I hadn’t had my amazing coach, Helen, by my side. Helen helped me to put real structure into my business, but she also helped me to realise that I was unique and I did have something very special to offer. I didn’t believe that when I started. I highly recommend that anyone who wants to really make a difference seriously considers working with this amazing lady.’
Jules White

Coach, Compassio Coaching

"I would highly recommend working with Helen.  Her programme has it all.  Private 1-1, group support and amazing content that is so thought provoking and structured in a clear and easy way.  However the best part is Helen herself.  She manages the balance of caring, really listening and more importantly, subtly challenging you to reflect on your own thoughts and make plans to move forward.  It all feels so natural with Helen and you know you are in safe hands.  Finding a coach that you connect with is so important, so thank you from the bottom of my heart, I have loved spending time with you and the other ladies in this group, it really has been a transforming experience for me."

Gemma Stow

Empowerment Coach

‘Helen is one of those people who just gets you, knows exactly what you're going through and how to get you to where you want to be. Her programme has been the making of me and my business, as I went from vague to vibrant and ready to show up as the leader in my field. I simply don't have praise enough how Helen and her wonderful program has helped me to up-level so much in such a short space of time. Helen is one amazing coach and truly awesome lady. You'll not regret working with Helen, it will be the making of you and your business!’

Jane Jones

Mindset Coach

‘Helen has helped me to put in place a foundation for my coaching business, this is something that I had over looked and not done previously. Helen’s enthusiasm and support have been fantastic, I highly recommend working with her.’


Confidence Coach


“I can’t put into words how much Helen has helped me to transform my thinking around my career and ambitions. Helen showed me how to unlock my courage to create a passionate service and share it with the world. Working with Helen gave me the thought process to understand how I could combine my experience with my big dreams”

Karen Ramsey-Smith

Founder , Big Picture Coaching

‘Working with Helen has been an absolute game changer. I have a clear plan, I’m running at peak confidence and above all, I started signing high-end clients within weeks of us starting working together. I’ve gone from thinking about going back to my corporate career to feeling as though I have a successful and sustainable high-end coaching business. Telling my story in video format is, I think, one of the biggest breakthrough’s I’ve ever had. Just genius.’
Rebecca Morley

Coach, Rebecca Morley

‘I am so grateful to have come across Helen and her program – what an incredible program it is and Helen is the most amazing coach. If it wasn’t for Helen asking all the right questions, digging deep into my story I would be trying to run the wrong business – it wouldn’t have been authentic. I came into the mentorship thinking I wanted to go in a particular direction so much so I bought a domain name and registered the business name – I was set on it but after working on my values, my story, my needs I am on a completely different path and totally know it’s the right one, I can feel it and couldn’t be more pumped and excited. I can’t thank Helen enough for her coaching – I have cried, laughed and danced but the best part is I have found myself and I’m going to rock it.’
Brigette Smith

“Ok I am celebrating a win with you all! 🙂

For the past few months I’ve had my concept for my social entreprise biz bubbling away in my head, but it didn’t really feel like I could do anything or release anything until my site was live & everything was ready to go.

Then I had some mentoring sessions with the lovely Helen who questioned this. Why not? She asked. Erm…good question. Of course I can start putting stuff out there…in fact it makes sense to so you then have an audience to pitch to when you do launch. Durrr!

So anyway, I’ve been blogging & sharing stuff & even did my first live from my page on Weds & do you know what…I’ve sold 2 hampers! I’m not even live and I’ve sold 2!

People wanted them with no mechanism for purchasing. I’m so pleased. WOOOP DE WOOP!

Thanks Helen for giving me such a friendly kick up the bum and getting me out of my frozen rut. I didn’t think it could be that simple!”

Sally Bunkham

Founder, Mums Back

“I’m proud to say that I’m nearly fully booked for 1:1 clients and I’ve just finished running my 1st ever group learning programme

I feel so brimming with ideas and I’m so grateful that I took the leap to invest my time, money and energy into working with Helen .

She has supported me, educated me and encouraged me to take leaps I never thought I would take. So thank you Helen from the bottom of my heart.

Ladies, if you have the opportunity to work with this lady, do it becasue she will transform you in her own special, motivational and caring way”

Josie Brocksom

Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and Coach, Worry Free

‘Working with Helen was fantastic. She really helped me see things from a different point of view and go back to the start to think through everything. I was really stuck on the packages I wanted to offer. I knew my ideal customer and generally how I wanted to help them, but by breaking it down into the problems they needed solving, it made it really clear what I should be offering them. She provided some fantastic tools to work through myself as a starting point, but through talking through it with Helen it took it to another level of clarity for me. I was also struggling with getting my head into gear after being out of work mode for a while after having my children. Helen made me see that it is possible to be a mum and run my own business, and that I should believe in myself. Helen was lovely to work with, very positive and encouraging, and I would recommend her to anyone that is stuck with their business.’ Sarah Banks

“Helen is everything you would want in a coach and so much more. She is professional, approachable and incredibly generous with her time and knowledge. She is the real deal and under her guidance I have achieved goals, obtained foundational clarity and developed a comprehensive pathway forward. It was an absolute pleasure working with Helen and I look forward to working with her again in the future.”
Renee Noffke

Managing Director, AU Imports

”I’d been following Helen a while on her Facebook Page and felt a strong connection with the messages she was putting out. When I heard about her program it felt like a great match for me so I signed up. I wanted to go into it with an open mind which helped because Helen guided me to exactly the places I needed to be. It meant I could trust and let go which is rare for me! Helen’s coaching has a structure and is very organised, but she also takes a flexible approach which is great because I felt the course content was tailored to me personally.

The first part of the course looked at mindset which I found created a significant shift for me very early on. This built an essential foundation for me to start working on a business concept I’d had buzzing around my head for a while, as I now felt confident to get it off the ground. I had always felt I had something special to offer my clients, but I’d been stuck on the ‘how’ and hearing Helen say she believed in me helped me believe in myself.
There was a fantastic flow throughout the course and I found that once I was rolling my ideas just kept coming. Being able to check in regularly with Helen at each stage was the key to this momentum.
I am so proud to say that I now have my super shiny new course ready to deliver to my clients. This honestly feels like the best work I have put out yet and although it comes from the skills I have within me, it’s thanks to Helen that I have finally been able to piece it all together and turn it into a solid product.
If you have a big business plan, a dream or even a twinkling of an idea, Helen can help you bring it to fruition. All you have to do is bring your passion, commitment and an open mind. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone”.
Sam Hall

Fitness and Mindset Coach, Miss Fit Club

“From working with Helen in the corporate world a few years ago, I already knew of her professional, compassionate and positive approach towards coaching and personal development. So when the time felt right for me, I knew I had to call upon her for some 121 coaching.

Helen filled the time we had on our initial session by exploring me, my beliefs, my values and where I wanted to be. We spent time unpicking the tangle I had got myself into so that I had a clear and solid foundation to work from. Throughout the last few weeks, Helen has been an amazing support, offering help and guidance and given me the tools to find and build on my confidence.

I cannot believe the immediate change I have seen and felt in myself since working with Helen, I was very surprised to see such huge results so quickly.
I feel positive, happy and excited to where this will lead me. Helen has helped me to open my eyes to the opportunities and possibilities for a brighter and happier future. I cannot thank Helen enough and I look forward to working with her again in the future.”

Nicky Walter

”My experience of working with Helen has been incredible. I’ve not worked with a coach before and never really considered it. I came across Helen’s Facebook page while feeling somewhat disillusioned with my professional situation while on maternity leave. Her personality, own experiences and, more importantly, her services and how she goes about them completely resonated with me.

Helen has a brilliant way of guiding me to get the best out of myself without feeling like something has to give. She’s helped with the way I organise myself and my work, with my focus, my motivation and my energy levels, whilst looking after my two little babies. She’s coaching me how to think about my life (biz and personal) in a completely different way and I feel like I’ve come out of the fog.

She’s a truly inspirational but also grounded and fun woman. I’d recommend her services to any working mum out there.”

Marta Moses

”Helen is a complete Rockstar and a coach I can fully stand behind and recommend to you . She’s put in an extreme amount of effort into getting to know the women she serves. She knows what makes you tick, she knows what you dream about she knows what your desires and blocks are, and she knows how to help you get what you want. Her methods are straightforward, very simple and yet very strategic, built so that any woman can implement and not pull their hair out in frustration. If you want a coach who is completely in your corner and understands what it takes to achieve your dreams and how to get you there ………HIRE HELEN !”
Susan Kate

Business and Lifestyle Coach, Susan Kate

“Helen is so down to earth yet so very clear about the strategies required to elevate my business. She is always so encouraging and often sends me messages congratulating me on my progress, know I have someone there to support me fully helps me grow so much quicker.

When I first started with Helen I had no structure to my routine. I was getting overwhelmed with the tasks in hand but Helen helped me set a smart schedule to break my ‘bliss time’ and non negotiables down and it really worked.

I also struggled with my messaging and the structure of my marketing strategies. So we spent time looking deep into the needs of my ideal client, the outcomes they desired, and how I could communicate that through a content and visibility plan on social media. We also focused on the types of messages to give my ideal client, so I was speaking straight to them, building the know like and trust factor. This made selling easy and authentic, because they could see how I could help them before speaking with me.

I am proud to say that I have filled out my first ever group programme Transform With Love shortly after launching. I’m currently working with 11 amazing ladies as well as continuing to work with clients 121..

If you ever get an opportunity to work with Helen, don’t miss out. She genuinely cares about your success and she will always go out of her way to help you.
I’m truly grateful to be working with her.”
Samantha Collison

Self Love and Weight Loss Coach, Samantha Collison

“Within just a 1 hour session, Helen provided valuable information targeting the areas in my life that I needed to change. Followed by effective but simple strategies that I could implement straight away to increase my energy levels in order to perform at a much higher level in my business. Helen has a caring and positive approach and is very knowledgeable in what she does.”
Ebony Cross

“Before working with Helen I was spinning my wheels and going nowhere fast.  At the time, I was completing a diploma in Transformational Coaching, teaching and also trying to rediscover my personal identity, set up a business and understand the online realm. Helen supported me holding a safe space for me to process all that I was trying to achieve at the same time giving me the structure to build a solid foundation to move forward, up level and get known.

I respect and honour how much Helen lives and speaks her truth – she is doing it, she has done it.  Building an online business can be a lonely venture but Helen has created an online community that empowers and creates a space for women to form relationships, learn and step confidently into their greatness.  If you desire to build a following of loyal clients in an authentic way, do not hesitate investing in yourself to work with Helen.

Life is precious and the time is now.  She gives 110% to her clients and the value you get from her experience, knowledge and the energy she exudes is absolutely priceless.”

Emma-Jean Lee

Transformational Life Coach, Emma Jean Lee

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