Are you ready to land the gig of a lifetime?  

Let me help you take your ‘ideas worth spreading’ and turn them into reality on the TEDx stage  




Is becoming a TED speaker a big vision board goal of yours?

Maybe you’ve had daydreams of what it would feel like to stand under the lights basking in the applause from a highly respected audience? 

  But you find it hard to believe it could actually come true.  

You know that you have a big idea, story or message to share that could help the lives of others  

But you don’t know if your idea is really a) ‘worth spreading’ or b) if you have the right skills to deliver it. Or maybe it’s c) you have no idea where to start and have even less of an idea how to get noticed amongst the sea of other applicants.  

Stop right there!  

It was possible for me  

And it’s TOTALLY possible for you.  

Here are 5 reasons why now is the perfect time for you to land and deliver your dream speaking gig.

The TEDx YouTube channel has over 2 million subscribers, giving you a ready made and well respected platform with HUGE reach for your ideas.

You get instant authority, which makes a big difference if you are an entrepreneur in a market that makes it difficult to get recognised as a credible expert.

You take your speaking skills to the next level. There’s nothing quite like going through the TEDx process to take you from starter speaker to star speaker in the blink of an eye. 

You get increased opportunities. More reach means more eyes on you, especially with a credible badge like TEDx under your belt.

All the feels. The feeling of standing on a TEDx stage? Utterly priceless. I have never experienced anything like it.  


Hey I'm Helen! 

I help entrepreneurs become sought after speakers using the power of storytelling.  

I passionately believe that EVERYONE has a TED worthy story inside of them. 

EL Live  Helen Packham

I spent 15 years in the corporate world helping leaders deliver complex messages in compelling ways to thousands of people.  

Along the way I picked up a nifty little tool called storytelling.  

Fast forward to just a few years ago and never in a million years would I have dreamed that those skills I picked up would serve me in other areas.  

I delivered my own TEDx talk, and have gone on to train and coach hundreds of clients in how to do the same.  

Helen Packham on stage at TEDx Brighton

In the last three years I have created and delivered; 4 sold out speaker programmes, 2 x live 70 person conferences, a 300 person motivational fire walking event, workshops, online courses and countless signature and keynote talks all focused around how people just like you can show up, tell stories, make money and change lives.


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"Helen’s step by step advice on how to land a TEDx most definitely helped me to do just that. When I filled out the application form I carefully followed all of Helen’s guidance. After I had secured the talk, Helen kindly provided further advice and mentorship on the content and structure of my talk. She watched my practice video and gave me really useful and constructive feedback. The fact she had been through the process herself was invaluable. In the end, I was delighted with the talk I delivered and it was extremely well received. I couldn’t have done any better and that was in no small part due to Helen."

Margaret Shenken, Founder of Fuse-Fit

Helping entrepreneurs become sought after speakers through the power of storytelling is totally my jam. 

And the thing that people ask me most? 

‘How do I land and deliver a TEDx talk?!'

So I did something to help ...

Introducing Land & Deliver

A course designed to help you...

Get the inside scoop on exactly what you need to know to land a TEDx talk  

Get laser clear on your speaker goals so that you can 100% nail them 

Define the core message of your TEDx worthy talk (hint: this is a pretty crucial yet overlooked step) 

Get step by step instructions on how to apply for TEDx 

Learn how to deliver with maximum impact

Use my ‘cut through’ method for getting noticed and landing the gig 

Craft your perfect pitch

All delivered through

11 easy to follow, bite sized learning modules.

Work along (and printable) ebooks to help you keep a record of your progress.  

My expert guidance all the way.  

A private Facebook community of like minded and aligned people.  

Live Q&A to answer your ongoing questions.  

Lifetime access to the course materials. 


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"I just delivered my one day launch event for Enlightened Entrepreneurs yesterday to celebrate 1 year in biz of hitting 100K which went so well! Had great feedback!  

The confidence to speak here came from my confidence from my previous speaking gig few weeks before that during my first international talk in South of France and the extra boost of confidence to deliver that came from the the support of Helen and pretty much had my first nearly 15K month after that with some of her leveraging strategies we discussed in the Speaker Intensive!  

She rocks!"  

Shamoni Gilani, Inituitive Niche & Message Clarity Maven

Toby Moore, Curator of TEDx Brighton

Be the first to hear when the doors to Land & Deliver open again!