Are you wondering where the first few months of the year have gone?

New year, new goals, murky weather, life stuff. This can all add to a crisis in confidence and that ‘UGH’ feeling that makes you feel sluggish and tired and in no way ready to ‘sparkle.’

If you are an entrepreneur or you run your own business I bet you will know that feeling. Wanting to hide when you have to be relentlessly visible.

I know. I get it. I have recently shared that my life stuff meant I just want to shrink into the shadows. But I am constantly reminded every day, that isn’t an option.

It isn’t an option for me and the money I need to earn to support me as a single parent, the places I want to visit and the life I want to live

It isn’t an option for my kids. I want to give them amazing memories and experiences with the money I earn 

It isn’t an option for my clients, who all have goals and dreams and know that visibility will lead to the things that they truly desire

It isn’t an option for you.

I’m going to get real here.

How much time are you actually spending focusing on what you need to right now in order to achieve your goals?


How much time are you spending distracted away from important tasks and doing something easier, more fun or numbing instead?

  • That latest episode of the new series on Netflix
  • Texting that dude you just started talking to on an app (or is that just me!)
  • Making yourself a nice cup of tea and having a slice of cake
  • Doing your house chores first
  • Anything to avoid actually doing the thing you know is going to help you.

Showing up!

What does showing up look like?

It is different for different people.

  • It might be getting out into the local area, networking meetings and meet ups to spread the word about what you do.
  • It might be giving local talks at relevant meet ups or groups
  • It might be targeting and approaching corporate companies to deliver workshops or talks
  • It might be posting video, short form, or long form content on social media and emailing your list
  • It might be reaching out to your warmest leads or ravings fans and telling them about something you have coming up.

Which is it for you?

I’m going to be exploring visibility in my group Sought After Speakers this week. I went live this week for my weekly STORYTELLING LIVE slot to explore exactly what is holding you back. Come and join us here 

Much love


PS – If your visibility goals include landing a TEDx gig in 2020 and beyond then look out for my next blog telling you about the next round of my course Land and Deliver!

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